Treatment recommendations from/for the practice

SSCM is currently working on therapy recommendations, whereby the following topics will soon be available: MS-related spasticity, fibromyalgia, dementia, tourette- and restless legs syndrome. Further recommendations are planned, such as for pain, oncology/palliative care, psychiatry, epilepsy and movement disorders.

Please contact if you have an appropriate expertise or clinical experience and are interested in a cooperation. We would appreciate any active collaborative efforts.


Overview of cannabis- and cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical preparations marketed in Switzerland; galenics, dosages, effects, indications, manufacturers, costs:

  • Cannabisextrakt-basierte Präparate: PDF
  • CBD-basierte Präparate: PDF
  • THC-basierte Präparate: PDF

Guidelines Forum Suchtmedizin Ostschweiz, Fosumos

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